A team of in-house linguists as well as native speaking freelancers deliver translations from any language into Dutch and vice versa. We offer translation for subtitling, voice-over and audio description as well as dubbing, and stay true to the content.


Option Media has an extensive database of voice-actors at its disposal. In close consultation with yourself, we will look for high-quality matches and offer a suitable combination of top talent and professional voice-actors who will emulate the original cast as closely as possible.In our spacious audio studios, we will record the voices, lip syncing with your video and matching the articulation and tone of voice.
We always respect the mood and style of the source material.
Besides dubbing, Option Media also provides recordings for voice-over, audio books or audio description.


Subtitling is the creative art of omitting and rewriting, while also paying attention to the correct reading speed and the timing of the subtitles. A proofreader will revise each version. Subtitling for the deaf or hearing-impaired and transcription of audio and video files are also among our services.


Audio description is the technique in which a voice describes what can be seen on the screen. In this way, your production is made accessible to the blind and visually impaired, who otherwise obviously lack some of the information. We provide an extra voice for comments between the dialogues, to describe actions, location, time, clothing, body language, facial expressions, etc. These elements help tell the story and are therefore often necessary to be able to follow the story properly.At Option Media, we provide a pre-written script, professional voice recording, and further finishing and mastering.


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